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90s theme party costume ideas (man)?

Guest: I have a 90s theme party to go to in a few weeks and im am looking for costume ideas for a man. can anyone share some cool 90s costume ideas with me. cheers

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5 Responses to “90s theme party costume ideas (man)?”

  1. §tephånie says:

    Off of the top of my head; The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Kurt Cobain (grunge), Superman, Urkel (from Family Matters), Mario, Richard Simmons, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Quailman (from Doug)..

    Music in the 1990′s

    Fashion in the 1990′s

    Television in the 1990′s

    Man, those were the good old days! :)

  2. mel says:

    go as lou bega (sp?) (the guy who sang mambo #5). that’s straight up pimpin’.

  3. RipJack says:

    someone from the beastie boys.

  4. Snow bird says:

    parachute pants
    t shirt with rolled up sleeves
    tank top
    bike shorts
    fanny packs

  5. artist91746 says:

    Vanilla Ice

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